America unrecognizableI was listening to a conservative talk show the other day when it was talking about a mother who decided to run for a position on the local school board.  What caught my ear was the reason why she decided to run against this Progressive wave of Critical Race Theory that is being injected into the government schools around the nation. She said that it was because all during last year’s destruction and forced removal of historic statues and symbols, it did not seem to bother her young children.  She knew then that there was a serious disconnect.  There was something seriously lacking in the education that her children were receiving that impaired them from recognizing that there was something very important that was being taken away from them and that she needed to do something to change that.  It is like someone slowly taking family heirlooms and or memorabilia from your home and you don’t realize it because you don’t have any true connection to them.

I can tell you that the nation that I was born in, grew up in, and what I envisioned it would be, is unrecognizable from the one that I am currently domicile.  It is said that history is written by the victors.  But it can be added that history can be rewritten by those with an extraordinary will to rewrite one’s history and the have the balls to do it in plain sight while making everyone believe that it is not being rewritten – most everyone.

America is the greatest country on the planet.  America is the greatest country on the planet.  America is the greatest country on the planet.  I could repeat this a million more times and it wouldn’t be any less true to me on the one-millionth time than on the first.  But for too many Americans today, they would question my sanity.  They may even most vehemently disagree with me.  Particularly due to the fact that I am a black-American.    They surely would seek to argue that the Founders were all racist. They would say that America was built by slaves and according to the Constitution blacks were considered three-fifths human.  And that American Capitalism is designed to keep blacks and minorities down.  And in every instance, they would be wholly wrong.  Just because many of the Founders had slaves indicates that they were racist back in their time is like saying that a man who wears two earrings makes him gay or homosexual today when comparing societal acceptance some 40 years ago.  In fact, the three-fifths clause in the U.S Constitution [Article 1, Section 2, Clause 3], that refers to property being three-fifths, was placed to purposefully short circuit the institution of slavery and restrain the power of slave states in Congress. One important fact that has been successfully memory-holed is that the U.S prohibited the importation of slaves soon after the signing of the Constitution.   And the American form of capitalism, whereby individuals can grow an idea to its height, start a business, create an invention, be the greatest athlete or entertainer ever, or whatever you chose to dream, you can achieve and profit from it to its greatest extent possible has brought men and women out of poverty to riches around the world more than any other concept in human history. The very fact that in America, anyone can be born poor and die rich, that at anytime that you choose you can create your own rags to riches story, is uniquely American. This is seeded by codified affirmation each of us has the God-given right to our life, our liberty, and our individual pursuit of happiness, as expressed in Judaeo-Christianity, is what makes America exceptional and like no other nation. For Pete’s sake, the citizens of the U.S elected an actual African-American to be President twice, with blacks comprising less than 14% of the nation’s population. I guest that is not supposed to matter or count.  Is America perfect?  Far from it. Man is not perfect. But, this is the America that I know.  This is the America that I was born in and was raised. It is the best thing going due to documents that were written by hands guided by Divine Providence. These are the ideals that I cling to because I do not see anything better.

But, today unfortunately too many Americans are totally blind and deaf to the America that I know.  In many respect, they have been deliberately made ignorant of the truth about America via the mis-educational system of the U.S government.  A 2019 Pew Research Poll revealed that a majority of Americans see the country in decline when it comes to living standards and world standing.  Over the past 40 plus years, the nation’s Christian foundation has been under relentless assault and erosion. Recent polls by Gallup and Pew clearly illustrate the growing detachment from not just Christianity, but from religion as a whole in the nation.  According to Gallup, for the first time since the late 1930s, fewer than half of Americans say they belong to a church of any kind. And in a Pew poll, the number of adults who declare themselves openly as Christian has dropped from the upper seventy percent range in just 2009 to the mid sixty percent range in 2019.  It is my belief that all that is wrong in America today stems from American’s detachment from our Christian principles and tenets. The moral debasement in our society, in the Western world in general, could not exist in a true Christian-based environment.  Am I wrong?

We have come to a point in our nation where we no longer speak with each other with courtesy.  Actually the more discourteous or crude we are with one another seems to be the societal aim these days.  Acting as though we don’t have any home training and without manners and intelligence has become the norm and is overly celebrated today.  We have come to a point that we are actually debating what is a boy and what is a girl and equating a marriage that is between one man and one woman with that of which is between a woman and a woman, or a man and a man, or even a woman and a Ferris Wheel.  Since the mid-1960s the man has been relegated mostly to a sperm donor, particularly in the black-American community where over 70% of children are born to a single woman and are living in a home without a man.  Our streets have been turned into war zones with disillusioned young Americans shooting each other, beating on their elders, burning down private businesses, and espousing beliefs that justify their actions – mainly that this is a bad country, whose society and system is oppressing them somehow for who or what they are, or what they have or they have not become, and that it [America] needs to be destroyed.  But, what they don’t say is what is their better alternative that they have to replace this “oppressive” and “bad” society and system?.

The very idea of truth, right and wrong, and morality has been made totally subjective.  There are no longer any social absolutes.  Is is whatever someone wants it to be.  A man can be beating on a woman or a group of young boys can attack an elderly man in broad daylight while a crowd looks on and records it with their phones.  We have confused men dressed up as women teaching nursery rhymes to the very youngest in our population. Only those espousing the very things that retard and deform our nation are allowed to speak and have their voices heard. Right and wrong are on the moon.

Our nation needs an enema – desperately. We need to return to our Godly foundations that have made us the marvel and envy of the world.  We must reintroduce ourselves to the Constitution that affirms that it is not man that gives us our freedoms, but God. And last, but not least, we must teach the youth the truth about America, the good and the not so good. What makes us as Americans so exceptional.  Is not about us today.  It’s about our posterity.  They will determine what America will look like tomorrow. But we will determine whether they will have enough true knowledge and understanding of America.  It is each of our responsibility to teach Americanism boldly and without shame to best ensure whether America will be prosperous tomorrow inhabited by free people or a destitute nation of enslaved people.