Who Put Who In Chains Mr. Biden?

Recently Mr. Obama’s representative remarked that the Republican Party was looking to put blacks back into chains.  Who was that representative of Mr. Obama?  It was none other his Vice President Joe Biden.   As he spoke to a group mostly of Black Americans at a campaign stop in Virginia referring to the  notion that freeing America’s financial institutions, i.e., “unchain Wall Street”, would in fact be a horrible thing, as he arrogantly stated to the crowd, “They’re gonna put y’all back in chains.”  Now mind you this is a largely crowed of Black Americans that he said this to. And in the audio amazingly you can actually hear some laughter from the crowd.  This is the Vice President, who happens to be a member of the Democratic Party, who’s saying this, so it must be true.   Right?  So it’s ok for him to say it.  Right?  And since no one in the Establishment Media or the Republican Party is voicefully rebutting the claim that it was the Republican Party who put blacks in America in chains in the first place, it must be true. Right?  I can think of no truer Maxim at this moment than, “that an unrebutted claim stands as truth”.   The truth is actually that it was the Democratic Party who has  gone through great lengths to place and keep the Black American in bondage, when not physically, then most certainly mentally.  This unrebutted lie is the most tragic distortion and outright falsification of history ever projected on the American people because it preys on the ignorant and the intellectually uninitiated, and it becomes a tool to divide the people of this nation. The historical truth is that from Lincoln till today it has been the Republican Party that has sought to free the Black American, and every American, both physically and economically.

According the author and historian David Barton in his book, Setting the Record Straight: American History in Black and White, the Democratic Party, particularly the southern democrats, was the proponents of not only Negro, i.e. Black American, slavery, but never allowing the Black American to gain his just liberties and freedoms. Even after the Congress with the 1789 Northwest Ordinance forbid slavery in any territory seeking to become part of the Union and virtually ending slavery in America by the 1800’s.  But it was the Democratic Party-led Congress that reversed the Northwest Ordinance’s banned on slavery in federal territories with the 1820 Missouri Compromise and the 1854 Kansas-Nebraska Act making slavery federal policy.  It was the Democratic Party who introduced the 1850 Fugitive Slave Law that gave rise to American Blacks fleeing the South all the way to Canada via the “Underground Railroad” .

Also according to Mr. Barton’s book, it wasn’t till the creation of the Republican Party and its entry of the Presidential election of 1856 that the tide of slavery would began to be beaten back politically with its platform including 6 planks of equality and rights for the Black American.  In 1860 the Republican Party took control of the Congress and the White House with the election of Abraham Lincoln, thus beginning the galactic battle between the pro-slavery position of the Democratic Party and  the anti-slavery position of the Republican Party. I think that a  good argument can be made that if not for the fervent and extreme pro-slavery position of the democrats there may not have been a “civil war”.  But, that is just my opinion.  Some point of facts; it was the Republican Party that passed the 13th Amendment to Abolish Slavery, the 14th Amendment  extending government protected privileges to freed slaves, and the 15th Amendment granting voting privileges to Black Americans,  and  the 1875 Civil Rights Act, the 1964 Civil Rights Act and 1965 Voting Rights Acts, and some dozens of anti-slavery laws, all of which had very very little Democratic support, if any; it was the Republican Party that welcomed blacks to hold political offices, both state-wide and at the federal level, as well as  prominent positions throughout the political spectrum from the “Civil War” till today, irrespective of  the election of the first African-American as president being a Democrat;  it was the Democratic Party that created vast extreme measures and knew of no bounds to suppress the Black American’s rising political strength, even murder and violence; it was the Democratic Party that had the nation’s first Grand Wizard of the Ku Klux Klan as a leader of its National Convention in 1868, as well as noted ex-Klansmen and white supremacist as congressional members that included the late Senator Robert Byrd and Strom Thurmond (prior to becoming republican); up until the election of John Kennedy, it was the Republican Party that was the home for blacks in America.  Let’s remember what party was in power in the southern States in the 60’s.  If one were to add up all the Blacks who have represented the Republican Party and the Democrat Party, he would have no doubt that it is the party of Lincoln who has welcomed black political participation.  It was Republican Rep. Joseph Hayne Rainey who prophetically stated,  “You gentlemen on the other side of the House have voted against all the … amendments of the Constitution and the laws enforcing the same.  Why did you do it? I answer, because those had a tendency to give to poor Negro his just rights -… and give him freedom of action, and the opportunity of education, that he might elevate himself to the dignity of manhood. Now you come to us and say that you are our best friends.  We would that we could look upon you as such.  We would that your votes as recorded … from day to day could only demonstrate it.  But your votes, your actions, and the constant cultivation of your cherished prejudices prove to the Negroes of the entire country that the Democrats could have sway, our race would have no foothold here … The Democratic Party may woo us, they may court us and try to us to worship at their shrine, but I will tell the gentlemen that are Republicans by instinct, and will be Republicans as long as God will allow our proper senses to sway over us.”  He stated this in 1872.  Rainey was one of the first seven American Blacks elected to the Congress after the “Civil War”.  All were Republican. If one was to review the policies and motives of the Democratic Party he would see that it is it that encourages dependency and servitude, while it is the Republican Party encourages independence and self-reliance.  History tells the perverted truth that it is the Party founded by Thomas Jefferson, the Democratic Party, who wants to place chains about the head, wrist, and ankles of the those wanting to be free.  Freedom was never meant to be convenient, easy, nor for those not wanting to take ownership and responsibility for their lives.

The distortion of  history and truth is most prevalent in this nation.  Coupled with intellectual deprivation that is encouraged in this culture makes the words uttered by the Vice President even more concerning because it does nothing to begin to enlighten, inform, or unite Americans. Instead it seeks to only ignite the smoldering embers of hate based on ignorance and stupidity of who we are as Americans and where we have come from to be such.  106 B.C. Roman Philosopher Marcus Tullius Cicero said it best when he said, “To be ignorant of what happened before you were born… is to live the life of a child forever.” Imagine how different our nation would be if true history wasn’t hidden in the dark, manipulated/distorted, and presented to too many of us like bitter vegetables, but displayed in the light to be examined, discussed, appreciated, and resolved?   So as such malicious statements such as that which Mr. Biden uttered would be cause for him, and others of his ilk, to run for sheer shame and dishonor and dare not be seen or heard from again.

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11 years ago

Red Herring for the win, …and a historical hack for added viewing pleasure.